France - Paris

What is Fridging?

Fridging is a dream, a reality... wishing to follow and support design artists on their way to expansion.

Tracking the trends, Fridging is a talent scout, an acquisition facilitator that offers shops the possibility to discover and have access to several brands in once. More talent concentrated in one shot!  

Increasing the visibility of creation in the media and in targetted professional channels (like international fairs and direct canvass), boosting sales potential through a dynamic strategy of communication with our network of affialiated shops, and proposing support services adapted to each project, Fridging is there to enhance happy encounters between designers and new markets and to make that each artist's expression becomes a perennial adventure.

But Fridging is, above all, a gathering of artists out of commun who master noble materials and who create designs by blending the lines of nature and the untreated materials. Fridging propitiates meetings where each designer is master of its own artistic approach but creativly empowered by the synergy of the group.

Fridging is a unifying structure intended to dynamise the sales potential of each designer that shares our common goals: an original artistic universe, a strong sales force, a mix of limitless talent and complementary skills able to bring the fantasy of unexpected forms and textures alive.